Welcome to GundamMadcat's Website.

Hello, and welcome to my site. This has been the most difficult to do. Don't expect much in the Digimon Section... It's not that up yet the Pics are up thats a fact. The Cats site i tried to do FAILED so i stuck it in here. Gundam Wing and MechWarrior are bound to be the big one at this site...Mech and Gundam are partly the same thing, GundamWing section has a certain area... Yaoi and Normal, i do have a seperate Gundam Site that contains Yaoi. and Dragonballz is at the very bottom, its half done until i can get more stuff on it. you'll find out once you've been there. Apart from that enjoy yourself... oh yeh one more simple thing, you can download anything you see on the site APART from people's Fanfiction and Fanart for another site! You may only download them if you have their permission! anyone who betrays that warning DIES! hehehehe only kidding bout dying there ^_^'


Updates for this site will probably be Monthly, and if i have time i'll do it Weekly...

You don't have to vote for me you know...

DONT FLAME ME OR I'LL GIVE U A VIRUS!!!!! Here that did ya? ^_^' don't take it serious

Enjoy the site, Email me at

Email to GundamMadcat@aol.com

if you have any info on seperate sections, or what i could do to lighten things up. I'll be putting a Gundam Wing, ZZ Gundam Lyric page in so watch for it soon...


If you've never heard the Musical, well nows your chance to find out stuff about Andrew Llyod Webbers Famous and best loved Musical ever Cats. here i've included a Gallery with only some pictures. I'll add Lyrics into it later, i have a fanart section for this one.

Gundam Wing Section

Here we have some Fanfics, that will contain YAOI so if your offended by male/male relationships do not enter the Yaoi Fanfics section have i made that Quite clear! Anything you may download apart from the Fanfics of course. If you'd like to download them for any purpose espeacilly for a site of your own ask the aurthor first! You may download the pictures and any information on Gundam but take this warning seriously. DO NOT FLAME ME IF YOU ARE AGAINST YAOI! Oh yeh sozzy bout there's only two fanfics people up, My school work and Karate lessons have been keeping it out, i'll get it done as soon as i can or you can kill me, okay?


Mech Warrior Section

In this section you'll find some very interesting things like, Fanart, Fanfics, Pictures of different Mechs information on Mechs and Information on MechWarrior all together. If you have never heard of MechWarrior Or BattleTech there pretty much the same thing. Find out about the Clans and Missions, Mechs which are stronger than others and are particulary good for practising with for Instant battles. I alone have MechWarrior 3, Mech Warrior 4 Vengence, and Mech Warrior 2 (I'll need to get it back off of Angus next year! NOTE TO SELF!)

Digimon Section

Information in this section for Digimon alone and Digimon Tamers. Digimon and character Status, Fanart, Fanfiction, Picture Gallery (not much) eh Growlmon ol buddy you were suppost to help me remember o_O ? Anyhoo i'll try and add some music if i ever find any.

Dragonball Z section

Dragonball Z Where do i start? Take a look it's main thing has gotta be the picture Gallery, pages to be added to this. Fanart and Fanfiction pages information Pages...

Links Section